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Leasing Office Best Practices:

Communication Record

A thorough Communication Record is a great way to demonstrate your desire to be a team player with the onsite sales team. A Communication Record should be completed any time you are working alone to provide the on-site team with detailed information regarding the days’ events while they were off work.

Items to Include in the Communication Record

Messages: Phone messages or in-person messages should be thoroughly outlined, along with contact info of the caller.

Visitors who are Non-Prospective Buyers: For example, if a home buyer brings in a visiting friend or family member to the community to show them the community, models, etc. this information should be noted

Service Providers: This could include cleaning crews, repair companies, gardeners, pool maintenance, etc.

Deliveries: Any deliveries should be noted, especially in the case where the delivery is neatly put away (as may be the case with office supplies, bottled waters, brochures in boxes, etc.) to ensure that the onsite team does not miss the fact that the delivery was in fact received.

Anything you notice during the course of your day requiring attention: For example, burned out light bulbs, stain on the carpeting or rugs within the models or sales office, anything broken or obviously missing from the models, or any other detailed description of something requiring further attention upon the on-site leasing agent's return.

All Communication Records should be left behind. Leave them neatly stacked on the on-site team member's desk for them to attend to upon their return. Be sure to include your name and telephone number so they may reach out to you in the case of questions regarding any notes left behind that require further clarification.

Bear in mind, notes are a reflection of your work. The more thorough and detailed your notes, the better assistant (and potential partner) you are for the builder’s team.


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Print and have a few of these Community Records handy in case there is no notebook or electronic note system at the community

Example of a Communication Record

Communication Record_Example-1.jpg

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